With a volatile stock market and a plummeting real estate market, financial headlines often warn of forthcoming trouble. While recent uncertain economic times can make it confusing for anyone looking for stable investments; investing in sports memorabilia looks to be a safe option.

While the financial world was reeling under the economic downturn the last few years, the autograph market was relatively unaffected by the slowdown, with the value of autographs showing an average increase of 383.3% in the 12 year period between 2000-2012, according to the PFC40 Autograph Index. Muhammed Ali’s signed photograph that was valued at £ 250 at the turn of the millennium, is now priced at £ 1,200, showing a 380.0% rise in 12 years, while Tiger Woods signed photograph, could fetch £1,750 - a 133% rise in value since 2000. The sports memorabilia market is growing steadily world-wide and is pegged at $5 billion dollars.

While planning investments is based on the age-old economic theory of demand and supply, a product that is rare to find will always be deemed to be of a higher value. This simple principle is the one that backs the case of investing in autographed memorabilia. With the international market for these items remaining upbeat even in the times of fiscal turmoil, the trend of investing in collectibles is slowly gaining currency in the country.

An auction of celluloid collectibles by Osian in July 2012 fetched a total of Rs. 69.55 lakhs with the value of the souvenirs rising by over 200%, indicating Indians’ growing fascination for autographed collectibles, which could turn these items into great long-term investment opportunities. And while every investment in this world involves risk, for investors, the lure of autographed memorabilia is two-fold: an autograph always promises the potential to rise in value, given that the passing of time makes the object more valuable, and the investor gets to own a piece of sporting legacy that they cherish.

Collectabillia, by building a sustainable market for sports memorabilia, provides you an opportunity to own moments of history, whether you’re an avid sports fan or that you understand collecting sports memorabilia is not only a great hobby, but it can be hugely profitable as well.

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