26 things we love about swashbuckling superstar Virat Kohli

On his 26th Birthday, we give you 26 reasons why we love Virat Kohli. We are sure there are many, many more to add to this list, these are the ones we love to love about him the most!

1. Virat has ‘Fruitful’ nickname as he is called ‘chikkoo’ by his peers. Often heard on the stump microphone by his skipper, ‘”Chikkoo”, tu idar ajja’
2. Heavy hitting Virat created history as he got the fastest 100 in 52 balls against the men from down under at Jaipur, 2013.
3. His liking for tattoo’s is imminent as one depicts a golden dragon and another samurai warrior, the latter being his favourite amongst them all.
4. Spirited Effort as he scored a hundred against Karnataka, immediately after the demise of his father. Salute!
5. Virat shares a unique distinction with U.S President, Barrack Obama as they both are in the top ten best dressed men, worldwide.
6. Virat used to receive several letters from girls writing to him in their own blood! ‘Bloody Valentine’, indeed!
7. Yes, he’s a dog person too! Virat has Bruno, a handsome beagle. Aww!
8. Loves his delicacies world over, but specially indulges in Mum’s homemade Kheer, not to forget the Mutton Biryani!
9. ‘Car-ing’ Man: Owns an Audi R8, amongst many others and adores the Aston Martin!
10. The Caribbean Legend, Viv Richards once said, “He reminds me of myself."
11. "In some ways, this young giant (Kohli) is a combination of all those three (Sehwag, Tendulkar and Dravid)”- Martin Crowe
12. Virat defines consistency. He is the first batsmen to score 5 50+ scores successively on two occasions. Admirable.
13. From 2010, Virat bagged the ‘Indian Cricketer of the year’ award for 4 successive years, no small feat!
14. Plain and simple, Virat was the 2012 ICC ODI Cricketer of the year.
15. The records kept tumbling as, Virat on to went achieve more runs than Ponting, Lara and Sachin after 85 games, Kudos!
16. The proverbial, ‘exuberance of youth’ illuminates his career, as he is the youngest to captain India at both levels.
17. His 183 against Pakistan, was not only his highest score but also any batsmen’s score against Pakistan. Many forget though of his blinder at slip to dismiss Salman Butt the same game!
18. This particular fact number is Virat’s Jersey number too! #18
19. SportsPro, has rated Virat to be the 2nd most marketable man in the world. Incredible!
20. His quest for runs is second to none; Virat is the quickest to reach 1000, 3000, 4000, and 5000 runs in ODI’s. #HungryLad
21. Virat also has the prestigious Arjuna Award, for his excellences in cricket! A great honour.
22. Phenomenally, he has the most centuries scored (11) in a chasing cause behind the Legend Sachin, himself.
23. Only Indian to score a hundred on World Cup debut, what a way to announce himself on the ‘world’ stage.
24. There is no one better in world cricket today who plays the lights of Malinga, Ajmal and Johnson better than him!
25. He is the only cricketer, who has made their debut post 2003 to score 20 centuries in ODI’s!
26. Lastly, viewed as India’s future captain, Virat’s batting average is 15 runs higher when he is captain. Clearly loves the responsibility.

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